Inside Business, a Hampton Roads business journal, released its annual Power List on May 20th, 2019. While "not meant to be an exhaustive or even complete accounting of the region’s movers and shakers," the list comprises 100 community members that Inside Business deems "important to the future of Hampton Roads." WST is pleased to share that Wayne Wilbanks, co-founder and Managing Principal, and Larry Bernert, Principal, were named to this year's list.

Wayne Wilbanks, CFA - Managing Principal

Lawrence "Larry" Bernert, CFA - Principal

WST's culture reflects a broad cross-section of interests and passions, connecting the firm with civic leagues, schools, charities and causes that make up the community we share with our clients. We are guided by and proud of the client-first, community-minded vision of our leadership. Congratulations, Wayne and Larry!

See the full Power List by visiting Inside Business. Read more about WST's role in the community by visiting our community engagement page.



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