Community Engagement

Serving our communities through volunteering and sponserships is a cornerstone of our mission and culture.


WST’s culture reflects a broad cross-section of interests and passions, connecting us with the civic leagues, schools, places of worship, charities, and causes that make up the community we share with our clients.

At WST, we value a ‘boots on the ground’ mentality when engaging with the communities we are committed to.

Performing community service as a team is a tradition that serves to connect us with our community and strengthen our purpose as a firm.

Our Principals are privileged to serve on an average of five Boards of Advisory committees for local non-profits, endowments and foundations.

As a team, WST performs over 500 hours of service each year, supporting efforts of organizations such as habitat for Humanity, United Mission and United Way throughout Hampton Roads, Richmond and Raleigh.

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