Norfolk, VA — September 13th, 2019  Members of the Wilbanks Smith & Thomas team joined United Way for Day of Caring in effort to provide hands-on support to YMCA JT's Camp Grom, located in Virginia Beach. Affected by the recent hurricane, the camp required clean-up from debris, resetting of outdoor equipment and other manual labor.

YMCA JT's Camp Grom is a unique day retreat developed for wounded veterans and their families, the families of fallen war heroes as well as children and adults with differing abilities. The 70-acre camp was built to provide a place where everyone in the family could participate when visiting — taking a number of disabilities into consideration.

Unlike traditional day camps, JT's Camp Grom delivers a number of integrated and adaptive activities, both indoor and outdoor — with opportunities ranging from lake-fishing, an outdoor pool and beach, cable wakeboarding, archery, the alpine climbing tower, reflection garden, quiet sensory room and more. The overall goal is to help improve quality of life by allowing individuals with differing abilities to take part in personal development activities, adventure-related activities, educational programs and social gatherings.

As a firm that strongly values a "boots on the ground" mentality when engaging with communities we're committed to, WST provided the camp with 20 team members to assist in manual labor around the 70-acres. Employees helped by removing debris from the alpine climbing tower, ropes course and surrounding grounds, power washing and cleaning walk-paths, scrubbing kayaks and boats, setting up outdoor equipment and cleaning up the beach. WST also took the opportunity to assist the facility in preparing for their fundraiser.

"JT’s Camp Grom is an amazing place for people of all abilities and I believe it will continue to have a lasting and positive impact on Virginia Beach.  It's a great experience to be part of a company that is passionate about serving the community." - Naomi Wanner, WST Employee & Volunteer

Learn more about JT's Camp Grom or how you can help, by visiting their website.




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