You have dreams - let us help you plan.

You are an individual seeking more than just financial planning and investing services – you want reliable, stable support in the effort to grow and preserve your wealth.

People come to us because they don’t know the answers to some important questions, and we take pride in our capacity to help them find answers. Nonetheless, our process begins with listening to you, because quality advice takes root in deep understanding of your financial situation, preferences, and goals.

We emphasize customization because we believe it’s easier to have high conviction in a plan – and to stick to that plan – when you know it reflects you. Every client is unique; you are not the same as your neighbor, and there is no substitute for consultation.

We understand that you are one of one – not one of many – and we approach each relationship accordingly.

While we are proud to claim a long history of excellence in investing, as investors we are most proud of our core principles: discipline and objectivity. The firm has thrived through decades of challenging and changeable markets, and it’s not because we have a crystal ball – it’s because we know we don’t.

“Steady growth” isn’t the flashiest thing, but it’s easier to stick to that path when you understand it is the right thing for your client.

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