NORFOLK, VA — September 13, 2023 — Wilbanks Smith & Thomas Asset Management, LLC, headquartered in Norfolk, VA, is pleased to announce it has been recognized in CNBC's highly anticipated FA 100 ranking for 2023. CNBC's fifth annual list unveiled top financial advisors, recognizing advisory firms that excel in helping clients navigate their financial lives, with Wilbanks Smith & Thomas placing into the Top 50 of that list.

The CNBC FA 100 ranking is a testament to the firm's commitment to providing exceptional financial guidance and services to its clients.

The methodology employed by CNBC in collaboration with AccuPoint Solutions to determine the FA 100 ranking for 2023 is comprehensive and thorough. The methodology included analyzing core data points from AccuPoint Solutions' proprietary database of registered investment advisors, starting with an initial list of 40,646 RIA firms from the Securities and Exchange Commission regulatory database. Through a meticulous process, the list was narrowed down to 812 RIAs that met CNBC's proprietary criteria. CNBC's team then conducted an extensive email survey to gather more details from these firms, who subsequently filled out comprehensive applications regarding their practice. The data was rigorously verified with both the firms and the SEC regulatory database. AccuPoint Solutions applied CNBC's proprietary weighted categories to further refine and rank the firms, resulting in the compilation of the FA 100 list of the top advisory firms. 

Wilbanks Smith & Thomas is honored to be recognized by CNBC for the fourth consecutive year as one of the top financial advisory firms in the nation. The firm remains committed to its mission of helping clients achieve their financial goals, providing personalized financial planning, and serving as a trusted partner in wealth management.

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