You have dreams – let us help realize them.
You are an individual seeking more than just financial planning and investing services - you want reliable, stable support in the effort to grow and preserve your wealth.
Principal Larry Bernert on his approach to strategic wealth management
Your are one of one -
Not one of many

People come to us because they don’t know the answers to
some important questions, and we take pride in our capacity to
help them find answers. Nonetheless, our process begins with
listening to you, because quality advice takes root in deep
understanding of your financial situation, preferences and goals.

We emphasize customization because we believe it’s easier to
have high conviction and a plan – and to stick to that plan –
when you know it reflects you

Financial Planning
Generational Planning
Portfolio Management
Topical experts:
tax, insurance, legal
Planning: The roadmap to your goals

Every client is unique; you are not the same as your neighbour, and
there is no substitute for consultation. In order to provide the caliber
of advice you deserve, we want to understand the totality of your
financial situation and goals. We rely on trust, close consultation and
thorough relationship-building to bring your story to life.

"balance sheet" review
retirement projections
spending policy
philanthropic goals
asset allocation
security selection
private portfolio
risk monitoring
portfolio rebalancing
Investing: Where the rubber hits the road

We put to work for our clients a world-class research effort that embraces a formula backed by decades of academic research and hands-on application by one seasoned team. We have a long, proud history of excellence in investing, and our investment capabilities span all asset classes.

However, as investors, we are most proud of our core principles: discipline and objectivity.

WST has thrived through decades of challenging and changeable markets, and it's not because we have a crystal ball - it's because we know we don't.

Our clients deserve nothing less than straightforward, transparent counsel in changing markets, and we believe the enabler of discipline amidst change.

Markets change; they ebb and flow over time. What doesn't change is peoples' need to feel like they're on a path toward their goals.

“Steady growth” isn’t the flashiest strategy, but we’ve found that it’s easier to stick to that path when we know it is the right thing for our clients. It is our job to earn your trust and confidence that we’re always doing the right thing for you.

Wealth is more than money
We see it as a means to realize your profound hopes
and deepest aspirations.
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