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Wilbanks Smith & ThomasAt Wilbanks Smith & Thomas, we anticipate the diverse goals our clients have for their portfolios. Retirement plans, business investments, philanthropic legacies…each client is unique. Therefore, we customize our approach to suit the long-term plans of every individual, family and organization that trusts our firm with their assets. Money is personal, as is our commitment to you and your financial stability.

Our team of portfolio managers, analysts, and administrators offer the support you require to see to your goals: personal or business spending projections,  generational planning, or portfolio construction. Our Asset Management Process includes the following steps:

Assessment of Goals and Objectives: Our seasoned portfolio managers work closely with both individual and institutional clients to understand and accommodate their unique needs, and circumstances. We ensure the plans we develop are consistent with your financial objectives, then build a team approach to put a plan into action.

Asset Allocation: The primary driver of an investment portfolio’s performance is the asset allocation, which defines the mix of stocks, bonds, and cash in a portfolio and further breaks those asset classes down into sub-classes like growth vs. value or small vs. large for stocks. We formulate disciplined investment strategies and asset allocation plans that align with your investment objectives, income needs, time horizon, and risk tolerance.

Security Selection: Our flexible investment platform allows us to choose from virtually any publicly traded stock and most mutual funds, including closed end funds and exchange traded funds. Working within the parameters laid out in the asset allocation process, we design portfolios with the specific needs of each client in mind.

Portfolio Rebalancing: As market conditions change and client needs evolve, we rebalance portfolios so that the mix of assets in each client’s account remains consistent with the client’s objectives.

Performance Monitoring and Reporting: Our state-of-the-art reporting system allows us to customize the presentation of performance data for each individual client. It allows us to benchmark each segment of the portfolio against the appropriate index and to monitor the progress of each security and the overall portfolio.

At Wilbanks Smith & Thomas, we take pride in tailored asset management solutions for our clients. Contact us today to learn more about the investment opportunities available to you.

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