You provide the financial roadmap -
lean on our investment expertise.
You are an advisor or financial institution looking to leverage
the investment capabilities of an established, stable partner.
Investment Partner for Advisors and Financial Institutions
Firm Principal Kyle Elliott explains how WST partners with Advisors to deliver customized investment portfolios to their clients
Operational and investment solutions

Through sub-advisory engagements, WST becomes part of the wealth management toolkit for advisors who are either looking to enhance efficiency, or who simply choose to focus their efforts on financial planning and client service. Our offering exists to advance your value proposition as an advisor.

Supplemental expertise

Our partners have access to WST’s research, investment personnel and the investment models we use to manage the portfolios of our own High Net Worth and institutional clients.

In most situations, Advisors will lean on our investment capabilities and leverage our trading, reporting and client service resources. We are a second pair of eyes on the client’s investment situation and a second set of hands in execution.

Alignment of purpose

Developing and preserving a client’s trust is the highest achievement and most important objective for any Advisor – the heavy lifting. WST’s services exist to free up Advisors to add value through planning and relationship management. The Advisor delegates, and WST executes at their direction.

Strategic partnership

Outside of investment and operational support, WST looks to serve as a consultative resource and sounding board for Advisors looking to grow and refine their practices.

Advisor Solutions
Macro research
Asset class research
Security selection
Risk monitoring
Portfolio rebalancing
Client service
Asset allocation
Model selection
Our Service Model: Benefits to our Partners
Flexible platform, with access to:

All major core & satellite asset classes
Closed funds, institutional share classes
Multiple custodians

Credentialed investment team with:

Over 200 years’ combined investment experience

Advanced degrees and designations including
Chartered Financial Analyst, Certified Financial
Planner, Certified Public Accountant

Solutions tailored to each client’s:

Risk tolerance
Return expectations
Liquidity preferences

Alignment of Interests
Independent, privately owned company

Stable, long-term investors
High level of transparency
Fully disclosed fee

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